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If you've been exploring ways to address concerns about your penis size and appearance, we’ve got you covered. At Allure Plastic Surgery in Staten Island, NYC, we understand the importance of addressing performance anxiety, impotence, and confidence. That's why we're proud to offer the P-Shot as an elegant solution to these concerns.

What is the P-Shot?

The Priapus Shot® (P-Shot) is a groundbreaking procedure that uses safe, pain-free injections of a patient's own platelet-rich plasma to rejuvenate the penis and stimulate new tissue growth. This innovative treatment promises to improve sexual function and satisfaction for patients and their partners. The P-Shot helps men struggling with erectile dysfunction achieve firmer, stronger, and larger erections while also effectively treating Peyronie's Disease.

Benefits of the P-Shot

  • Increased circulation within the penis
  • Improved response to other therapies like Viagra
  • Increased sensation and pleasure
  • Increase in penis size
  • No allergic reactions or lumpiness
  • Minimal pain
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      Am I a Good Candidate for the P-Shot?

      You are an excellent candidate for the P-Shot procedure if you:

      • Desire a stronger, more erect erection
      • Seek greater sensitivity during intimacy
      • Want an increase in the length and girth of the penis
      • Suffer from enlarged prostates or have had prostate cancer
      • Are no longer responding to erectile dysfunction medicines
      • Suffer from Peyronie's Disease

      How Does it Work?

      The P-Shot procedure is a simple, 15-minute process that utilizes platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your own body to rejuvenate damaged and aged penile tissue. The treatment is safe, natural, and more effective than other erectile dysfunction treatments. During the procedure, a small amount of blood is drawn from your arm, and the platelet-rich plasma is separated using a centrifuge. The concentrated plasma is then carefully injected into specific areas of the penis to stimulate tissue growth and improve sexual function. The entire process is minimally invasive and does not require general anesthesia, offering a comfortable experience for patients.

      Recovery and Aftercare

      After undergoing the P-Shot procedure, you can expect minimal downtime. Most patients can resume their regular activities shortly after treatment. Any potential discomfort is typically mild and short-lived. It's important to follow post-procedure guidelines provided by our team to support optimal healing and maximize the benefits of the P-Shot.

      P-Shot FAQ

      Is the P-Shot a safe procedure?

      Yes, the P-Shot is a safe and minimally invasive procedure. It utilizes platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from the patient's own blood, making it a natural and low-risk treatment for male enhancement. Dr. David Ghozland and Dr. Elliot M. Heller, experienced practitioners in this field, prioritize patient safety and comfort throughout the entire process.

      How long does the P-Shot procedure take?

      The P-Shot procedure typically takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. It is a quick and efficient treatment that offers minimal disruption to a patient's daily routine, allowing for a swift return to regular activities.

      What kind of results can I expect from the P-Shot?

      Patients who undergo the P-Shot procedure can expect improvements in sexual function, including increased sensation, stronger and more sustainable erections, and enhanced overall sexual satisfaction. The procedure also has the potential to address conditions such as erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's Disease, offering comprehensive benefits for male sexual health.

      How long do the effects of the P-Shot last?

      The effects of the P-Shot can vary among individuals, but many patients experience long-lasting results. The rejuvenation and tissue growth stimulated by the procedure can lead to sustained improvements in sexual function and satisfaction. Dr. Heller can provide personalized insights into the expected duration of the effects based on individual health and lifestyle factors.

      How can I learn more about the P-Shot and determine if it's right for me?

      To learn more about the P-Shot and determine if it's the right solution for your male enhancement goals, it's recommended to schedule a consultation with Dr. Heller. During the consultation, they can provide detailed information about the procedure, assess your individual needs, and address any questions or concerns you may have.

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      Why Choose Dr. Heller for Your Male Enhancement?

      Simply put, Dr. Elliot M. Heller is dedicated to helping men achieve their desired results in the sensitive area of male enhancement, including the use of the P-Shot procedure. With a focus on penile enhancement, Dr. Heller's expertise, certification, and extensive procedural knowledge ensure top-quality care and optimal outcomes tailored to individual needs. 

      If you're considering the P-Shot for penis enhancement, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Heller to discuss your goals and explore the options available to you. To take the next step towards enhancing your male enhancement and to arrange a consultation with Dr. Heller, please reach out to Allure Plastic Surgery in Staten Island, NYC, at (646) 844-5683.

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