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What is Body Contouring?

Body contouring in NYC usually consists of a few to several different surgical procedures and is customized to your body. From a breast lift to a thigh lift, body contouring can help restore a streamlined, proportionate physique that makes a brand new wardrobe possible and skyrockets your self-image. Call us today to schedule your private consultation and discover how body contouring at Allure Plastic Surgery can jumpstart your self-care regimen.

What are the Benefits of Body Contouring?

  • Removes excess skin and fat
  • Tightens underlying  muscle groups
  • Sculpts, tones, and reshapes the torso
  • Improves wardrobe options
  • Enhances self-confidence
  • Long-lasting results
  • Streamlines the body after pregnancy
  • Combats the signs of aging
Fit woman in bikini measuring her waist after body contouring in NYC

Body Contouring Treatments at Allure Plastic Surgery

TUMMY TUCK – Abdominoplasty can be performed to tighten the six-pack stomach muscles, remove excess skin and fat, and reposition the belly button in a more youthful, pleasing location. The incision runs from hip to hip and is well hidden within the bikini line. Recovery time is typically 2-6 weeks.

LIPOSUCTION – Liposuction is the ultimate fat loss technique and can be used to slim and smooth multiple areas of the body where bulges and bumps are compromising the physique. Liposuction has minimal scarring, and the downtime is usually around 7-10 days. The procedure is often used to enhance the results of surgical treatments, such as a tummy tuck or thigh lift.

MOMMY MAKEOVER – A mommy makeover is performed to combat the physical changes that occur with pregnancy. It is a combination treatment that typically includes breast augmentation or breast reduction, breast lift, liposuction, abdominoplasty, labiaplasty, and facial rejuvenation. A mommy makeover can reduce downtime and costs while boosting self-esteem. The recovery will take 2-6 weeks, depending on the extent of the work performed.

ARM LIFT – An arm lift, or brachioplasty, can trim, sculpt, and contour the upper arms, significantly improving your wardrobe options and accomplishing cosmetic goals that are difficult to achieve with dieting and exercise alone. Incisions are hidden on the underside of the arms and tend to be inconspicuous. Recovery takes around 2 weeks

LABIAPLASTY – After childbirth, the labia may become stretched and asymmetrical. Labiaplasty combats these changes, restoring both form and function to the vaginal region. The procedure can help reduce discomfort and restore a healthy sex life. Recovery takes 2-6 weeks, depending on the degree of work performed.

BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT – During a Brazilian butt lift, donor fat is extracted from an area where it is unwanted such as the thighs, belly, or hips. It is then sterilized and purified before being injected into the rear end. The final result is a more rounded and feminine backside, with recovery typically lasting 3-4 weeks.

Who Makes an Ideal Candidate for Body Contouring?

Patients of all ages and genders can enjoy the remarkable benefits of body contouring at NYC's Allure Plastic Surgery. The ideal candidates are those who:

  • Don't smoke
  • Are in good mental and physical health
  • Have been unable to achieve their cosmetic goals with diet and exercise
  • Understand what body contouring can and can't achieve

What Can I Expect from Recovery?

Recovery times will vary from procedure to procedure and from client to client; however, most patients experience a smooth, stress-free healing process as long as they follow the doctor’s instructions before and after surgery. You will be fitted with compression garments that are used to minimize postoperative swelling and keep your new contoured shape intact. The doctor will make sure you go home with ample pain medications to keep you comfortable.

Non-Invasive Body Contouring Options

Until recently, plastic surgery was the only answer to the need for body contouring. Thanks to advances in nonsurgical technology, we can use non-invasive procedures to reduce the size of body areas, lessen skin laxity, and diminish the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. 

Unlike surgical treatments such as liposuction and body lifts, non-invasive body contouring options in NYC use many non-ablative techniques to dissolve fat and smooth the skin. Patients are often hesitant to opt for surgery for several reasons, including the fact that any surgical procedure requires significant recovery time and a higher probability of complications or side effects. Nonsurgical procedures for fat reduction require no downtime, and there are few side effects, but they still produce stunning body-shaping results.

It is important to note that these treatments do not prevent new fat cells or new cellulite from forming. Additionally, body contouring is not meant to substitute for weight loss or healthy eating habits. While weight fluctuation can occur before or after treatment, it’s recommended that you’re within thirty pounds of your ideal weight before undergoing body contouring treatment.

Some non-invasive body contouring options include:

  • Fat freezing
  • Laser lipolysis
  • Radiofrequency energy
  • Injections

At Allure, we are proud to offer the following highly effective and non-surgical body contouring treatments:


Cellfina is a minimally invasive procedure targeting dimples associated with cellulite for significant smoothing that lasts approximately two years. Because connective tissue bands cause cellulite dimples, Cellfina uses a straightforward technique to cut them so the dimple pops out and flattens.


CoolSculpting® is ground-breaking body contouring technology that is clinically proven and FDA-approved to target fat cells in a specific area and freeze them beneath the skin. The cells naturally die off and are safely eliminated from the body for more firm and shapely abs. Results are permanent and easy to maintain with a healthy lifestyle.


Mesotherapy enzymatically shrinks fat and cellulite through a series of injections. It is minimally invasive, affordable, and safe and has been exceptionally popular in Europe for several years.

How Much Does Body Contouring Cost?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of body contouring surgery in the United States is around $7,500. However, this is just an average, and the cost can range from $2,000 to $25,000 or more depending on the specific procedure and the extent of the surgery. For example, a tummy tuck can cost between $6,000 and $10,000, while a lower body lift can cost between $8,000 and $20,000. During your initial consultation, we will provide a detailed cost estimate and discuss financing options so you know exactly what to expect.

Body Contouring Recovery Tips

  • Follow your surgeon's instructions carefully.
  • Rest and avoid strenuous activities.
  • Manage pain with prescribed medications.
  • Wear compression garments as directed.
  • Keep wounds clean and dry.
  • Stay hydrated and maintain a balanced diet.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol.
  • Use ice packs to reduce swelling and bruising.
  • Gentle movement helps circulation.
  • Seek emotional support if needed.
  • Attend follow-up appointments for monitoring.
  • Be patient; healing takes time.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I exercise again after body contouring surgery?

Typically, patients should wait for six weeks, until they are fully healed, before engaging in strenuous exercise again.

What is the ideal weight to have liposuction?

To ensure safety and ideal results, patients should be within 30 pounds of their target weight before having liposuction.

Are there any risks?

Like any surgery, body contouring includes certain risks, including bleeding, infection, scarring, pain, change in sensation, unfavorable outcome or asymmetry, and others.

Will the recovery period be painful?

Expect some moderate pain during your recovery period, which we will work with you on to reduce with medication and other pain management methods.

Will there be scars after liposuction?

Scarring resulting from liposuction, if any, is a small dot about the size of a freckle. This scar will fade over the following months.

Can I sit down after my Brazilian Butt Lift?

Patients should avoid sitting directly on their bottom for a minimum of 3-4 weeks after a BBL procedure.

Can I combine body contouring procedures?

Yes, body contouring can be combined. For example, an arm lift may often be combined with liposuction, tummy tuck or breast lift. During a mommy makeover procedure, several body contouring procedures are typically done at once.

Will there be scars after most body contouring procedures?

After your body contouring procedure, there will be scarring where the incisions were made. Every precaution is made to hide and minimize scars and leave the skin as smooth and untouched as possible.

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Allure Plastic Surgery combines the expertise, skill, and artistry of among the top board-certified physicians in the NYC area and beyond to deliver exquisite, nuanced results tailored to your body. From our cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art facility to the compassionate and considerate approach practiced by each member of our team, Allure Plastic Surgery has quickly risen to become among the most sought-after destinations for transformative body contouring in NYC. Call us today to discover how we can help you to look and feel energized, youthful, and rejuvenated. 

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