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The buttocks in vogue more than ever before. A full and perky butt, like those of many shapely actresses and entertainers, is a sought after asset that enhances a silhouette. However, weight training and diet can’t always deliver the desired results. If you’ve been looking for a lifted, more shapely buttock might be a great candidate for the Brazilian butt lift (or BBL).

For more information about butt enhancement in the Staten Island, NYC area, please call (212) 661-2563 to schedule a free consultation at Allure Plastic Surgery. Our surgeons are ready to discuss which option might be best for you.

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

The Brazilian butt lift has become one of our more popular procedures at our Staten Island, NYC facility in recent years, owing mainly to the procedure being less invasive and easier to recover from than buttock implants.

We typically begin with liposuction of the waistline and hips, to provide contouring while harvesting the fat. This allows us to perform optimal sculpting to the areas around the buttocks, before then processing and strategically injecting the fat into the muscle, building you a perky, youthful shapely bum. Remaining fat is then frozen so that it can be injected between four weeks to six months following the procedure.

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Your Recovery Period

Although there may be minor post-operative bruising and swelling after a butt enhancement surgery at our Staten Island, NYC facility, recovery should be no more than seven to ten days. Naturally, the body will absorb some of the injected fat, but the majority of the fat will remain in the area with a good blood supply for long-lasting results. Subsequent injections can be used to “build” the results and shape the area according to you desire.

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Butt Enhancement in Staten Island, NYC

Butt lift surgery is popular among our patients because of the substantial results it provides with just one procedure. During the surgery, a conservative two- to three-inch incision is placed between the buttocks, in the midline. We then lift the buttock muscle and create a pocket for the implant, before closing the incision with dissolving sutures and adding tape for additional support.

Post-operative care includes keeping the dressing dry for three to five days and avoiding pressure on the butt for a few weeks. You must also avoid strenuous activity and exercise for four weeks. The incision will typically fade within a few months.

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Butt Thread Lift

As the buttock ages, soft tissue and volume is lost and the skin begins to sag. During the thread lift procedure, tiny barbed suture threads are placed from a hidden point above the butt to the bottom of each butt cheek. The threads then are tightened, beofre the small incision is closed. Three months later, the threads are tightened a bit more and, the butt achieves a higher and tighter lift.

The procedure is ideal for those patients who don’t have enough fat for the Brazilian fat transfer technique, although those patients with enough fat can even combine the two procedures for an even greater looking lifted and rounder butt.

There is no scar, little to no downtime, and the procedure can even be done under local anesthesia. We are proud to be the first plastic surgery group to offer this butt lift procedure in the Staten Island, NYC area.

To find out more about the Brazilian butt lift, or BBL, and other butt enhancement procedures, please contact Allure Plastic Surgery online or call (212) 661-2563 today. We proudly serve all of NYC, including Staten Island, Manhattan, and other communities.

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