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Scar Revision Plastic Surgery Treatment

Getting rid of scars can be difficult especially if you are not aware of the methods available for you.  While there are a number of different methods you can use to get rid of scars on your face, typically acne scars, or other parts of your body, one of the most effective methods to minimize the appearance of scars is a scar revision treatment. Scar revision is a technique that professionals use to improve or reduce the appearance of scars. During this procedure, the scar is minimized by making it appear more consistent with the surrounding skin tone and texture.

Choosing which scar revision method suits you will have to depend on several factors, with one of the most important being the decision of which doctor to use to perform the surgery.  Here at Allure Plastic Surgery in New York, we've succesfully performed many scar revision treatments.

If you have questions about the process involved in having your permanent scars treated, you can book a consultation or call our office today at (646) 844-5683.  Otherwise, you can keep reading below for more information on this procedure and how it can benefit you.

Will Scar Revision Work For You?

If you're not sure whether or not a scar revision treatment is the right option for you, a qualified dermatologist can help you decide if you should take non-invasive procedures, such as the use of topical medications, or if you should undergo a more invasive procedure such as scar removal surgery.

Whichever method you opt to use for your scar revision treatment, the medical professional you consult will ask you to go through a waiting period before your treatment will be scheduled.  While this waiting period isn't as necessary for existing scars, it's almost mandatory when you're looking to have a new scar treated since the appearance of the scar will change over time and doing so will allow you to avoid any unnecessary repeat procedures.

Typically, scar removal surgery should be considered six months to one year after a wound has healed. We've found it's best to wait within this range of time because scars usually diminish in size and become unnoticeable as they age and mature.

While you might be anxious to have a fresh scar dealt with as quickly as possible, it's best to wait until the scar fades a like bit naturally before you undergo treatment.  If you've already tried many of the different natural scar treatments available to help you get rid of your scars without success, you should strongly consider a surgical scar revision treatment to change the size of a scar, raise depressed scars, or lower elevated scars.

Although there are a number of reasons why you might choose to undergo scar revision treatment, many variables can affect the severity of the scarring, including the size and depth of the wound, the blood supply to the area, the thickness and color of your skin, and the direction of the scar.

While no scar can be removed completely, the plastic surgeons here at Allure Plastic Surgery can often improve the appearance of a scar, making it less obvious through a scar revision treatment.

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The Scar Revision Surgery Process

For some people who suffer from scars, the best solution to get rid of them permanently may not be topical creams, gels or peels.   Since there are many other possible solutions available, you should discuss them with your physician before you decide to pursue the kind of scar removal surgery performed in our office.

As our doctors will tell you during your initial consultation, certain procedures are better suited than others for specific types of scars.  For example, the FDA-approved Candela Smoothbeam laser works by combining selective heating and cooling to the dermis layer (middle) of the skin and is effective in treating acne, acne scars, and wrinkles.

To get rid of these pimple scars forever, the procedure usually takes an average of four treatment sessions to be effective and although some patients can expect mild side effects, including a temporary mild redness in the lasered areas, most are very happy with the results they're able to acheive.

If you require treatment of hypertrophic or keloidal scars, we'll use a PDL laser which targets the underlying blood vessels which produce the pink appearance to these scar types.  After this procedure has been performed, you can experience bruising that can last up to ten days. To ultimately get ride of these keloid and hypertrophic scars, a series of corticosteroid injections can be applied to them to reduce the apperance of these inflamed, raised scars.

If you have rolling scars, subcision is another type of scar surgery which works well. After first numbing the area with an injection of anesthesia, the surgeon will break up the scar tissue underneath with a small needle. While there is no recovery time needed after this surgery, bruising can last 1 to 2 weeks.

If you suffer from an icepick scars, we'll likely treat it using what's known as the punch excision method where a punch instrument is used to remove the scar and the wound is then stitched up to heal. While this will leave a scar of its own, it will be much smaller, and less noticeable, than the scar it replaced.

In some cases, the uppser layer of skin can be removed with a wire brush, called a fraise, as a method of dermabrasion to help eliminate the scar while skin grafting, in which a thin layer of skin from another part of the body such as the buttocks is transferred to the injured area, can be used with great effect.

If needed, small amounts of implantable materials, including Gore-Tex, Alloderm, Soft-form, and fascia, can be used to raise the scar, producing near instant results.

No matter which option you and the doctor discuss during your initial consultation, scar removal surgery should only be considered by healthy individuals due to the complications that may arise if the patient has a pre-existing condition, such as heart problems or diabetes mellitus.

Using these ultra-modern techniques and technology, we not only enhance and reshape scars so they look better, but often smooth the edges of acne scars to dull their appearance.  If you have scars on your body that you want to have removed, schedule an appointment with our experienced Long Island plastic surgeons to find out about scar revision treatment options available to you.

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