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Blepharoplasty Eyelid Surgery & Endoscopic Brow Lift

Fresh, lively looking eyes reflect your youthful attitude. However, as we age, the expressiveness of our eyes is often eclipsed by drooping eyelids, puffy bags under our eyes, and heavy brows. Loss of fat in the face and sagging cheeks can result in creasing and dark shadows under your eyes, leaving them looking sunken and hollow. Other people experience heavy bags under their eyes because of a pronounced fat pocket that develops under each eye.

If you are experiencing any of these signs of aging, Dr. Miller and Dr. Heller may be able to create a treatment plan to restore your youthful appearance. Call (646) 844-5683 to arrange a consultation to learn more about eyelid surgery at our Staten Island location.

Benefits of an Endoscopic Brow Lift

During an endoscopic brow lift, the surgeon will make small incisions behind your hairline where an endoscope is inserted. The surgeon releases your brow from its current position, then lifts and secures it for a more youthful appearance. The result is long lasting and natural with no incisions across the forehead.

An endoscopic brow lift has many benefits for our patients. This procedure can:

  • Lift your brow into a higher, more youthful position
  • Reduce the heaviness of the outer eyelid
  • Reduce the skin that needs to be removed in upper eyelid surgery
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Before & After

Natural results after upper and lower eyelift with laser resurfacing.

Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty

An upper lid blepharoplasty rejuvenates your upper eyelids to provide a more open appearance. This procedure leads to minimal discomfort in most patients and often results in only minor bruising and swelling during recovery. During the procedure, your surgeon will:

  • Make an incision that will be concealed in the natural crease of your upper lid
  • Remove excess skin from your upper lid
  • Create natural looking contours with your lid
  • Close the incision

This patient had endoscopic browlift and upper eyelid surgery. Note how the intense sagginess on the outer part of the eyelid was lifted with these procedures, for natural, subtle results that bring out the patient's existing features.

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Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty

Lower lid blepharoplasty reduces the appearance of bags under your eyes. Most patients experience a small amount of swelling and bruising and can return to work within a week. During this procedure, the surgeon will:

  • Create a small incision inside the eyelid
  • Remove fat from the fat pocket or "bag" under the eye
  • In some cases, tighten the skin with a laser or remove unwanted skin
  • Close the incision that is discreetly hidden on the inside of your eyelid
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Cheek Lift and Fat Injection

We can reverse the signs of aging with a thread lift to return your cheeks to a more youthful contour. We can also add fat in the groove beneath your eyes to correct the hollowed out look that often comes with age.

Note the heavy upper lid skin before the brow lift procedure and the improved upper lid crease created after the surgery.

Recovery After Your Surgical Procedure

Eyelid surgeries are performed in our Staten Island AAAHC-certified surgery center, and patients can return home the same day.

As you recover, you can expect mild to moderate swelling and bruising in the surgical areas. Pain and discomfort are minimal. Many patients do not even take the prescribed pain medication. You can expect to return to work and most normal activities in about a week. You should avoid strenuous activities for a couple of weeks.

You will need to see your surgeon for two to three follow-up visits after your surgery to ensure that you are healing well and your results are as expected.

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) FAQ

Are there any brow lift options that are as effective as a facelift when it comes to improving droopy eyelids?

A facelift will do nothing for the brow or upper lids. The key to addressing droopy eyelids is to first determine if the problem is caused by excess upper eyelid skin, a droopy brow, or both. If it is simply the lines on your forehead bothering you, we suggest BOTOX® Cosmetic injections, which will give create a smooth appearance. If the problem is excess upper lid skin, blepharoplasty will open the eyes and freshen up the appearance of the lids beautifully while a brow lift is used to address a droopy brow. Both procedures can be performed simultaneously if necessary. BOTOX® Cosmetic can also provide a slight lift to the eyebrows, but surgery provides a more customized and lasting result. A facelift will do nothing for the brow or upper lids. Make sure you discuss your concerns with an experienced facial plastic or plastic surgeon as it would be very unfortunate to have a face lift performed when you only concern is your droopy brows.

How long do I have to apply sunscreen to my upper eyelid surgery scars?

Because your blepharoplasty incision is in a very sensitive area, extra care is required. Using sunscreen is very important following blepharoplasty, because sun exposure can darken the incision, which can take months to fade. It should be applied frequently on upper eyelids for approximately 6 months post-op.

Substantial Under-Eye Bags Can Be Effectively Diminished

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Are you ready to turn back the clock and restore beauty and youth to your eyes? Call (646) 844-5683 today to schedule your consultation with an experienced brow lift and blepharoplasty surgeon. We welcome patients throughout the Manhattan, New York City, Staten Island, and Long Island areas.

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