Hair Transplant

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Hair Transplant - NYC, Manhattan, Long IslandMany men and women seek treatment for hair loss every year. While medications such as Rogaine can help thicken hair, only hair transplantation is a proven method of creating permanent hair in an area where there was none.

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Hair Transplant Process

During hair transplantation, actual hairs are dissected from the scalp, trimmed, and inserted into the areas of baldness. Once the hair follicles recover, they will grow just like normal hair.

Typically, hair is transplanted into three areas:

  • The head
  • The eyebrows
  • The eyelashes

A consultation with our surgeons is necessary to determine if you are a good candidate. During the consultation, your surgeon will discuss the procedure and together you will devise a plan. Usually the surgery is carried out under local anesthesia or mild sedation. The procedure is begun by removing donor hair, usually from the back of the head.

Hair Transplant Techniques

There are different methods of hair removal which include strip removal or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). We typically use the FUE technique, which acquires the natural grouping of hairs as individual punches, thereby removing the possibility of a linear scar. The site to be transplanted (the frontal hairline, the eyebrows, or the eyelashes) are prepared and the grafts are inserted.

Recovery is typically quick with a slight crusting over the donor and graft areas. Often times the hairs will fall out for a couple of months, but then the transplanted follicles will begin to growth nicely. The eyebrows and eyelashes will have to be trimmed every few weeks, but patients are very appreciative of the long term result.

With hair transplantation, it is advisable to keep expectations realistic, but the result of a natural hairline is a goal that is easy to attain and really worth going through in the long run. For more information about the procedure, plase contact Allure Plastic Surgery online or call (212) 661-2563 to reach our office in New York City.