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Chin and Cheek Implants - Facial Plastic Surgeon NYChin Implants

A small chin- or retrognathia- is a feature often overlooked by patients. The side profile in particular can show the effects of an underdeveloped chin such as when a patient has a rounded face instead of a straighter one. The neck can appear heavier and the nose can appear bigger.

A chin implant procedure uses a small incision hidden under the chin to create a pocket along the bottom of the jawline. After the implant is inserted, the incision is carefully closed. Only local anesthesia is required and recovery takes a few days. A strong chin can give a face harmony and beauty.

Cheek Implants

Cheek implants are typically used in younger patients to enhance their cheekbones. As we age, the cheek tissues descend, so older patients may benefit from a lifting procedure such as a cheek lift or thread lift.

When undergoing cheek implants, small incisions are created inside the mouth and a pocket is created above the cheekbone. The implants are then inserted and the incisions are closed. This procedure is performed with general anesthesia and recovery is about one week. The results look very natural and give the cheek area a highlighted appearance.

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