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June 23, 2013

Mini Vs. Full FaceliftNEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK – Men and women alike are looking for effective ways to improve their appearance and first impressions however, many are going about the search alone.

“In today’s economy, putting your best face forward is more important than ever before,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a NY facial plastic surgeon. “Men and women are rushing into surgery with high expectations only to be...

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June 12, 2013

Plastic Surgery EtiquetteNEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK – Most would agree that Arrested Development character Lindsay Bluth-Funke looked much different in the season four premiere than in past episodes. But is that difference enough to accuse Portia De Rossi of plastic surgery?

According to articles like...

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June 11, 2013

One Day Left to Your Hour Glass FigureNEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK – Most women (and men) would agree that curves on women are flattering – especially when they are in all the right places. But what if yours aren’t?

With the help of a plastic surgeon and key procedures like a breast lift and Brazilian butt lift, your curves can be “relocated” to perkier, sexier positions, in – get this – a single day...

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June 03, 2013

plastic surgeon in ManhattanNEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK – Wouldn’t it be great if for Father’s Day, you could give that special man in your life a gift so grand that it changes his life? Of course it would.

A gift so grand, it would put a smile on his face and possibly improve his relationships and even career. Too bad you can’t give him the gift of confidence for Father’s Day – or can you?

Plastic surgery boosts...

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May 29, 2013

Fade Stretch MarksMANHATTAN AND NEW YORK, NEW YORK — For some men and women, stretch marks are worn proudly; a badge of motherhood or dedicated weight training. However, for the majority of women – and men – they are an eyesore and constant reminder that they are no longer that slim teen they used to be.

For these people, the quest to find a magic potion that will fade their red or silvery stripes to pretty porcelain is costly, time consuming and in fact, a waste since there is...

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May 21, 2013

The Perfect Mother Day GiftMANHATTAN AND STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK – If your children or significant other didn’t get you exactly what you wanted for Mother’s Day, it’s OK because at Allure Plastic Surgery we know what you want.

Typical Mother’s Day gifts include jewelry, nice smelling perfume or a massage which are nice choices, don’t get us wrong, but we’re betting what you really wanted was to turn back...

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April 05, 2012

Side effects after sclerotherapy are possible but very rare.  

Side effects may include burning, itching, skin discoloration, bleeding at the injection site and infection.  These symptoms will fade away in a short period of time.  Some patients will only need one session to get rid of the veins, but it can be a reoccuring problem, so several sessions may be needed.  This depends on

the patient’s tolerance and how many veins are present. Make a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon or vein specialist to go over any questions or concerns you may have.