Spider Vein Treatment

Spider Vein Removal - New York Skin Care

The procedure involves injecting a solution into the small veins, which causes them to collapse and disappear. All it takes is a couple of sessions for our NYC plastic surgeons to clear the mapping of tiny veins that plague many patients.

In cases where veins are too small to inject, a laser can be used to clear any veins that remain. However, sclerotherapy is the gold standard because of its ability to treat varying sizes of veins with a much lower risk of scarring.

Spider veins are also quite commonly seen on the cheeks and around the nose. These smaller veins, also called capillaries, respond best to light laser treatment or a photofacial, which is also known as intense pulse light (IPL) therapy. The light from the IPL blanches the vessels, which damages them and allows them to be reabsorbed by the body. A series of three treatments achieves excellent clarity with little down time.

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