Nose Reshaping with Rhinoplasty Surgery in Staten Island New York

Nose reshaping with rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery. By correcting the size and shape of your nose, you can greatly improve your facial appearance and the first impressions you make on others.

Preparing for Rhinoplasty

Analyzing your nose and creating an ideal plan for your procedure are the most important parts of your rhinoplasty surgery. At Allure Plastic Surgery, serving Staten Island, Long Island and Manhattan New York, Dr. Miller and Dr. Heller will closely analyze your nose and use computer imaging to discuss the options for your surgery. Realistic expectations for the outcome of your procedure are key to achieving satisfactory results.

Dr. Miller and Dr. Heller use their years of experience performing and refining their rhinoplasty techniques to give each patient exceptional results. They trained with nationally recognized rhinoplasty surgeons and perform nose surgeries weekly. Their experience allows them to concentrate on the intricate nature of the procedure and provide better results for you. These case studies will give you a good idea of the kind of improvements you can expect.

Case 1: Nasal Bump with Droop Tip

This patient was dissatisfied with the hump and the fact that the tip pointed down. We removed the bump and sculpted the tip so it now points in a more natural and feminine direction.

Correcting nasal bump with droop


Case 2:  Crooked Nose

This patient desired a straighter nose and to breathe easier. His nose was corrected by altering the nasal bones and cartilage. Internally, his breathing was perfect.

Correcting crooked nose


Case 3:  Wide Tip

This patient disliked the bulbous tip. We sculpted the cartilage to refine it in a natural way.

Correcting wide tip nose


Types of Rhinoplasty

Everyone's nose is different and so is every rhinoplasty procedure. During your consultation, we will discuss the appropriate procedure for your desired outcome. This may include:

  • Primary Rhinoplasty - Your first nose job. This is the chance to properly plan and perform the procedure correctly to achieve your desired results. During primary rhinoplasty, the skin is easily lifted with hidden incisions. Your cartilage is sculpted. Then your skin is redraped and your incisions are carefully closed.
  • Revision Rhinoplasty - Redo nose job. When your surgery with another surgeon did not produce satisfactory results. Scar tissue from your first surgery makes revision rhinoplasty more difficult. Dr. Miller and Dr. Heller may need to correct the removal of too much cartilage to give your nose a natural appearance instead of one that looks "operated on."
  • Open or Closed Rhinoplasty - Open rhinoplasty allows Dr. Miller and Dr. Heller to make a small incision between the nostrils instead of just inside the nose like closed rhinoplasty. The open technique allows for more visibility and precision during surgery. The small scar from the incision disappears over time.
  • Rhinoplasty with Sinus Surgery or Septoplasty - Surgery to correct chronic sinus conditions or breathing issues can be combined with rhinoplasty to enhance the appearance of your nose at the same time. Dr. Miller specializes in surgery on the inside and outside of the nose and performs this combination regularly. Insurance may even cover the sinus surgery.
  • Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty - Although surgery will give you the best results, we recognize that some patients are not ready for plastic surgery. You can achieve some enhancements with the dermal filler Radiesse®, which can be used to give your nose a smoother profile. Radiesse® treatments generally last 9-12 months.

Special Considerations

During your consultation, we will also discuss special considerations for your procedure.

Male vs Female Rhinoplasty. Female noses tend to have a softer bridge and a slightly higher tip, while male noses have stronger bridges and lower tips. Recognizing and being sensitive to these differences during your procedure will ensure that your nose presents the feminine or masculine qualities that you desire. 

Ethnic Characteristics. Different ethnic groups, such as Asians or African-Americans, will often have a flat nasal bridge or wider nostrils. Enhancing the bridge of the nose can de-emphasize the tip, and sculpting or thinning the nostril or tip can improve the nose shape while maintaining the ethnic appearance. 

Dr. Miller and Dr. Heller will consider all of these nuances when creating your surgical plan and performing your surgery so that your enhanced nose will blend naturally with your features.

Recovering from Rhinoplasty

Recovering from rhinoplasty is often marked by only mild discomfort and mild congestion. Patients usually do not need strong medications for pain management. You can expect to have your splint and stitches removed in six days, and most patients return to work and normal activities in one week. You will want to avoid strenuous activities for two weeks following your surgery.

Are you ready to enhance your facial appearance with surgical correction of the flaws on your nose? Call (212) 661-2563 today to schedule your consultation with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. We welcome patients throughout the Staten Island, Manhattan, New York City, and Long Island areas.