Elliot Heller, M.D.

Proudly serving New York City, Manhattan, Staten Island, Long Island & nearby areas of New York


Dr. Elliot M. Heller possesses a unique, calm personality and sincere concern for his patients. He is able to put the most nervous patients at ease when their plastic surgery procedure is in his hands. His quiet confidence is due in part to his extensive training in general and head and neck surgery, which he received at NYU Medical Center and plastic surgery training at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York.

Dr. Heller has been practicing plastic surgery since 1989. He is a founding member of the New Jersey Cosmetic Surgery Society as well as the American Academy of Aesthetic and Restorative Surgery. These are two communities passionate about excellence in cosmetic and restorative surgery.

The Star-Ledger, The News Tribune, The Review, and The Highland Park Herald are some of the newspapers, magazines and scientific journals where you can find articles published by Dr. Heller, which reflect his passion for plastic surgery.

Certified by:

  • American Academy Aesthetic and Restorative Surgery

Patient Reviews:

Thank you - breast augmentation | Dr. Elliot Heller

Thank you - plastic surgery | Dr. Elliot Heller