Mommy Makeover Questions

Q: I am a 23-year-old mom who has extreme breast and abdominal sagging following a 50+lbs weight loss. How can I improve my silhouette?

A: Simply looking at photos and considering the issues you have described, we would recommend a “mommy makeover.” It’s great that you’ve lost as much weight as you have, but unfortunately this can result in sagging skin because of its loss of elasticity. That means the breast skin may not be able to support an implant without the addition of a lift. There are many different types of breast lifts so it’s possible that the incisions can be minimal in nature.

A mommy makeover also includes liposuction and a tummy tuck. The liposuction will resolve the excess fat while the tummy tuck will address excess skin and lax muscles, leaving you with a much smoother abdomen. The breast lift will take care of the saggy appearance of your breasts, allowing breast implants to fill them out and recreate a more youthful shape.

A combination of procedures like this requires a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon who specializes in body procedures. A thorough consultation with your surgeon should give you a clear understanding of what level of improvement can realistically be achieved. For more, information, please contact Allure Plastic Surgery online or call (212) 661-2563 today for a consultation at our Manhattan office.