Fat Transfer Questions & Answers

Q: What exactly is the solution injected under the skin during Mesotherapy?

A: Mesotherapy solutions differ from practice to practice since there is no set formulation of components. The most commonly used solutions include hyaluronic acid, phosphatidyl choline, other enzymes and amino acids. There isn’t a huge amount of research discussing the safety of Mesotherapy however; in general, the formulations are natural and safe.

Mesotherapy is designed to dissolve and diminish undesirable areas of fat. It’s ideal for treating small areas; larger areas are better treated with liposuction. A series of Mesotherapy deliver the best results and injections are relatively painless. Potential side effects may include minor swelling and soreness, burning, minor skin discoloration and a very low risk of infection. A consultation with an experienced mesotherapy physician will help to determine if you are a good candidate for it or if you would benefit more from liposuction.

Q: Does freezing fat for subsequent transfers work, or are most of the cells dead?

A: Fat injections are a great natural and non-invasive procedure for smoothing wrinkles such as the nasolabial folds and augmenting cheeks and lips. Your physician will harvest your fat with liposuction then process it for your initial injection and then freezer storage.

Once frozen, fat will remain “fresh” for one year so additional treatments can be performed throughout the year. Subsequent injections are typically performed every 8-10 weeks. Each injection builds on the prior to give you optimal control over the desired level or change. Schedule an appointment with your plastic surgeon in New York to find out if you are a good candidate for fat injections.

Q: Are there any safe temporary fillers for the butt?

A: At this point in time there isn’t any Food and Drug Administration approved fillers designed for augmenting the buttock. This area typically requires more volume than temporary injectables can achieve.

If you desire a more shapely rear, surgical procedures such as a Brazilian butt lift or buttock implants will deliver the most consistent and lasting improvement. We advise that you arrange for a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in Brazilian butt lift procedures in Manhattan or NYC to learn more about the options that suit your needs best.

Q: What should I know about fat injection?

A: The process of liposuctioning fat from a designated area for facial injections is a simple procedure that yields beautiful results with minor down time. Following liposuction, your thigh or abdomen, may be slightly swollen and possibly bruised. At the same time, your surgeon will inject the fat into your face, which also may result in light swelling. Any bruising that occurs (common around the eyes) will diminish within a few days. Aside from slight bruising, by the following day no one should be able to tell you had anything done. Subsequent injections yield even better results and should be performed around 8-10 weeks later, with similar reactions.

During a free consultation, the team at Allure Plastic Surgery can discuss whether or not fat transfer is right for you. Call (212) 661-2563 or contact us online.