Implants for Bodybuilders

There are several types of implants we use that have been specifically designed to enhance certain muscle groups.

Calf Implants

For patients who do not have calf definition, it can be extremely difficult to build them in size, even when a strenuous workout routine is employed. Calf Implants are a safe and permanent way for these individuals to enhance the size of their calf muscles.

A discrete incision is made on the backside of the knee and a conservative pocket is made to accommodate the implant. The implant used is silicone and appears very smooth and natural from the outside. The natural look is the result of the trained eyes of our surgeons who examine the overall leg to make sure that the size of the implant fits the individual.

Bicep Implants

Bicep implants give a boost to the size of the bicep to create the look of strong, defined arms. A silicone implant is inserted through a hidden incision and gives the arm extremely natural looking and satisfying size improvement.

Pectoral Implants

The pectoralis- chest muscle- is easily and naturally enhanced with a special, solid silicone implant. The implant is placed under the muscle through an incision made in the armpit. Recovery takes a few days thanks to the support of a compression vest. The results are a muscular and defined chest that feels natural to the touch.

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