Post-Bariatric Plastic Surgery

Arm Lift NYCWe have seen the popularity of gastric bypass surgery increase dramatically over the past 20 years. As a result, we have noticed many patients from New Jersey, Staten Island, and NYC left with loose, sagging skin on their arms, thighs, and midsection.

This loose skin is a result of the massive amount of weight gastric bypass surgery allows patients to lose, which typically ranges from 40 to 140 pounds. While some individuals are fortunate enough to have their skin tighten on its own after surgery, for some, their skin has lost its elasticity and it continues to sag. This can cause frustration for cosmetic reasons as well as discomfort since the friction from other skin or clothing causes irritation.

The following procedures have been used to alleviate discomfort and boost confidence in these patients for many years by our surgeons. Please call (212) 661-2563 to schedule an appointment at Allure Plastic Surgery in Manhattan to discuss your options.

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

When liposuction doesn’t provide adequate improvement of sagging arms, an incision is placed in the armpit or along the inside of the arm to remove excess skin, resulting in a tighter, thinner arm.


Although SmartLipo can tighten minor sagging skin in the thigh area, severe cases may require surgery. We can use incisions placed along the natural creases under the buttocks or inner thighs to excise (remove) excess skin and tighten the entire area.

Body Lift

Following bariatric surgery, extra skin often accumulates in the midsection. Abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck, can dramatically improve the abdomen for these patients. If there is loose skin on the back in addition to the abdomen, a body lift would be a more appropriate surgical plan. The body lift utilizes a “belt line” incision that continues around the circumference of the trunk below the underwear line and results in a smoother abdomen, side and back.

All of these surgeries are performed as outpatient procedures at our accredited surgery centers in New York. Recovery, swelling and bruising last approximately two weeks.

Realistic expectations regarding these procedures are necessary. The result of these procedures is dramatic and satisfying, but we may not be able to reverse every bit of skin laxity that has occurred.

To learn more about what you can expect from revision procedures for loose skin after undergoing bariatric surgery, please contact Allure Plastic Surgery online or call (212) 661-2563 today.