Questions About SmartLipo

Q: Can SmartLipo take 2 inches off my arms?

A: Smart Liposuction (SmartLipo) can most definitely be used for upper arm improvement. SmartLipo is designed for smaller areas of the body that require contouring so we can’t take off 2 inches without an examination, but we can say that great improvement is typical. SmartLipo does not create any scarring. The total cost of SmartLipo ranges anywhere from $3,500 and up, depending on the areas we treat. To get an exact price and specific details regarding a customized procedure you should schedule a consultation with a highly qualified plastic surgeon in N.Y.

Q: Should I get SmartLipo on my lower abs for a second time or a mini-tummy tuck?

A: We can see that you have great postoperative results however, the lower abdominal area usually requires a tummy tuck to tighten its muscles and remove loose skin. The only way to determine exactly what needs to be done is to complete a thorough examination with a plastic surgeon during consultation.