Questions About Rhinoplasty

Q: Is anesthesia my only option for rhinoplasty or can I have oral sedation?

A: General anesthesia puts you in a state of relaxation. You won't feel anything during your surgery and won't remember anything about your surgery. It also protects the airway from any blood that may drip down the throat during surgery. Oral or IV sedation can pose a risk to you and your procedure because you may move or cough, which can compromise your airway. Your safety is important to us. We will review your options during your consultation.

Q: What causes changes in nose swelling after rhinoplasty?

A: Changes in swelling are completely normal following your nose job and may last up to a year. You may have times when your nose looks amazing and wake up the next day to find it has swollen again. This is caused by the nasal skin reestablishing its drainage pathways. Massaging your nose can help reduce swelling and increase the speed of recovery.

Q: How long does swelling last after rhinoplasty?

A: You can expect swelling after your nose surgery. It is completely normal and may take a few weeks to subside and begin to reveal your results. You may experience episodes of swelling up to a full year after your surgery.

Q: How soon after nose surgery can I try to get pregnant?

A: While you are on pain medication and antibiotics following your surgery, you will want to refrain from trying to get pregnant. We recommend waiting a week after you are finished with your medications. You may also want to talk to your obstetrician or primary physician for his or her recommendation.

Q: Why do my nostrils look like they are different sizes after surgery?

A: In the early stages of recovery, you will experience swelling that could cause one nostril to look larger than the other. The case or dressing on your nose may also be compressing one side more. During your post-operative visit with your surgeon, be sure to raise your concerns so he or she can determine that you are healing as planned.

Q: Does a bad smell mean I have an infection?

A: Crusting around the sutures is a normal occurrence for up to three weeks after surgery. It may cause a strange odor for up to two months following your surgery. Infections are a rare occurrence, but you can schedule an appointment with your surgeon to examine the area if you are experiencing an odor and get all of your questions answered about your recovery.

Q: Can I work outside after nose surgery if I use sunscreen?

A: Yes. Sunscreen will protect the sensitive skin of your nose after surgery. Be especially vigilant in applying sunscreen to cover the incision site because the sun can cause discoloration of the skin. In the first few weeks following your surgery, you should be careful to avoid strenuous activities, especially any kind of sports that put your nose in danger of being hit, which can cause permanent damage.

Q: Can I have a nose job and play violent sports?

Rhinoplasty will require a few weeks of recovery time. You should not play strenuous or violent sports while your nose is healing. After you have fully healed, your bones will return to close to normal strength. However, a direct hit to the nose could cause a fracture that would require additional surgery and recovery time. 

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