Liposuction & SmartLipo FAQ

Q: Why would a surgeon want to add liposuction to an arm lift?

A: Brachioplasty – more commonly known as an arm lift – is a great procedure for resolving loose, excess skin. It reduces excess skin and fat residing between the armpit and elbow, and contours your arm, giving it a smoother appearance.

If the skin is tight, liposuction is a good option for reducing a lot of fat. They can typically be done simultaneously, but you can’t be too aggressive with the liposuction at this time because it’s important to maintain healthy blood supply to the skin so the incision used for the brachioplasty can heal as nicely as possible. Sometimes it’s best to perform the liposuction first, which allows the surgeon to achieve good excision of the skin.

Q: Is an arm lift the right treatment for sagging arm skin following weight loss?

A: When someone loses a massive amount of weight, excess, loose skin typically results in different areas of their body. Most of these patients will have loose skin on their arms, which makes them an ideal candidate for brachioplasty – also known as an arm lift.

Liposuction is only a good option for people who have sagging skin if they have a good amount of fat present. Brachioplasty requires an incision that begins in the armpit or underarm area and runs along the inner part of your arm down to the elbow, which allows your surgeon to remove the excess skin and somewhat conceal the scar. Then using the most advanced techniques, he/she will close the incision, which should heal into a thin white line.

Q: Do I need to lose weight prior to my arm lift procedure?

A: Brachioplasty is a surgical procedure specifically designed to reduce flabby and sagging skin from the upper arms. It also helps to stop underarm skin rashes and irritation caused by this skin.

Prior to an arm lift or any kind of body contouring procedure, it’s best to lose as much weight as possible. This allows the plastic surgeon to remove an optimal amount of loose skin, which gives even better results. It’s best to use a plastic surgeon in New York who has lots of experience with contouring the arms and follow their guidelines.

Q: After SmartLipo will my fat come back?

A: If you are considering undergoing a procedure to remove your excess fat, SmartLipo is a great option. It yields the best results when used to treat small areas and only requires local anesthesia. Once the fat is removed, it is permanently removed.

However, if you don’t maintain a healthy diet or exercise plan, any remaining fat cells can enlarge, making it appear as if the fat has returned. When combined with a healthy diet, SmartLipo produces wonderful results that have a high rate of patient satisfaction.

Q: How long do you wear compression garments after SmartLipo?

A: Following SmartLipo, we advise that compression garments be worn for at least three to six weeks. The pressure applied by compression garments helps the skin heal tighter in the areas that were treated. The chance of severe bruising is reduced with proper wear of the garments. While some patients heal fine within only a week of wearing the garments, wearing it as much as possible for six weeks ensures that you achieve the best results.

Q: Is liposuction a requirement for an arm lift procedure?

A: Liposuction is a specialized procedure that reduces fat in specific areas of the body. Brachioplasty is different in the fact that it removes excess skin, and contours your arm to give it a more toned appearance. Since you are looking into getting an arm lift done, you should know that liposuction could be performed at the same time if you need it. The best way to identify what type of procedure or combination of procedures you need for sure is to participate in a consultation with an experienced NY plastic surgeon.

Q: How can I reduce the excess skin in my arms?

A: It’s not unlikely that a patient will have some sagging because of their poor skin elasticity. Upper arm skin is thin, so it’s more common in this area because it doesn’t contract as well following liposuction. If there is a good amount of loose skin to be removed, then a brachioplasty (arm lift) procedure may be necessary. Brachioplasty involves removing excess skin with an incision that starts under the upper arm area and runs down to the elbow.

Q: I’m considering lipo for my fatty mons pubis. Are there sexual complications or risks involved with such a procedure?

A: Liposuction is the best solution to rid your mons pubis of unwanted fat. It requires local anesthesia and there is little to no down time involved. Aside from some minor swelling and soreness, there are no serious risks involved. Your sexual capabilities are not directly affected by this surgery.

We do suggest that you attempt to get as close to your target weight as possible prior to your procedure.

Q: Is heat or ice best for post-liposuction swelling?

A: While heat or ice may make you feel better, they don’t really help to reduce swelling. Patients are typically given a compression garment to wear, which will help to reduce swelling over time and encourage skin to heal tighter. The swelling will take time to subside so in this case, patience is a virtue. As long as you continue to follow your post op instructions and wear your garments as requested by your surgeon, your results, healing time and comfort level should be typical.

Q: How soon can I tan after liposuction?

A: The healing after liposuction is relatively short. It often takes less than a week before you can resume everyday activities and return to work. Our physicians do not advocate tanning but we will say that it would be better to wait a couple of weeks after surgery or until all the bruising subsides. You should also shield the liposuction incisions from UV exposure for a month after the procedure to aide healing and to decrease redness.

Q: Is there anything that can be done for excess fat above the pubic region?

A: Liposuction is an excellent option for improving the area you are concerned with. Since the subcutaneous skin of that area doesn’t contain any major vessel or nerves it is very safe. We can also use an abdominoplasty to improve the excess skin and fat of the tummy and at the same time to achieve great overall improvement. As long as you are in good health, you should be a good candidate for both procedures.

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