Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) FAQ

Q: Are there any brow lift options that are as effective as a facelift when it comes to improving droopy eyelids?

A: A facelift will do nothing for the brow or upper lids. The key to addressing droopy eyelids is to first determine if the problem is caused by excess upper eyelid skin, a droopy brow or both. If it is simply the lines on your forehead bothering you, we suggest BOTOX® Cosmetic injections, which will give create a smooth appearance.

If the problem is excess upper lid skin, blepharoplasty will open the eyes and freshen up the appearance of the lids beautifully while a brow lift is used to address a droopy brow. Both procedures can be performed simultaneously if necessary. BOTOX® Cosmetic can also provide a slight lift to the eyebrows, but surgery provides a more customized and lasting result. A facelift will do nothing for the brow or upper lids. Make sure you discuss your concerns with an experienced facial plastic or plastic surgeon as it would be very unfortunate to have a face lift in NYC performed when you only concern is your droopy brows.

Q: How long do I have to apply sunscreen to my upper eyelid surgery scars?

A: Because your blepharoplasty incision is in a very sensitive area, extra care is required. Using sunscreen is very important following blepharoplasty, because sun exposure can darken the incision, which can take months to fade. It should be applied frequently on upper eyelids for approximately 6 months post-op.

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