Chin & Cheek Implant - FAQ

Q: Cosmetic chin surgery: What are my options?

A: Chin augmentation is one of the best ways to balance your facial features and improve your profile. The procedure is simple and only requires local anesthesia, while a sliding genioplasty – an alternative option – is more involved and riskier. A chin implant should not affect your facial motion or alter your appearance when viewed head on unless you and your surgeon are attempting to lengthen your chin’s vertical height. For this, genioplasty is a little more effective. Most people only require additional projection and an implant is absolutely my preferred procedure for that.

Having concerns about implants is normal however, risk for things like infection is rare and they essentially become part of the body as they become enveloped in collagen. To increase dimension, the implant is strategically placed on top of the existing bone structure of your lower jaw, which produces a pleasing result. If you are still having concerns about the procedure, please speak with your Manhattan plastic surgeon, and he/she will help you resolve any questions.

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