Breast Implant FAQ

Q: Where should a breast implant be placed?

A: If you are a body building/athletic woman, submuscular (under the muscle) placement of an implant will yield the most natural looking results. However, with placement under the muscle, you shouldn’t go too big as this can lead to irregularities with movement.

Q: Can you ever exercise your chest muscles again after breast implants?

A: There isn’t any real harm in working out following breast augmentation. The main rule is to not do anything that causes pain or discomfort.

We typically advise that our patients gradually work their way back into their regular routine beginning 6 weeks post-op. The implants may move during chest muscle contraction (may look a little odd) however, as long as the patient is properly healed, no damage should result. Don’t be afraid to discuss your feelings and concerns openly with your plastic surgeon to ensure you both are on the same page and that you’re happy with your results.

Q: What can I do before and after my breast augmentation to reduce risks and prevent complications?

A: When opting for breast augmentation, it is very beneficial to research the procedure, which will give you a better understanding of what is involved. The most important aspect of any successful procedure is locating an experienced plastic surgeon who specializes in body procedures and with whom you feel comfortable.

Sticking to your surgeon’s guidelines is also important when it comes to reducing complications. Such guidelines often include refraining from smoking one month before and after surgery, not taking certain medications like blood thinners, vitamins and herbal supplements. Finally, refrain from overexertion from performing daily activities post-op. When adhered to correctly, these guidelines will help to prevent unnecessary complications.

Q: After breast augmentation, how long do I have to wait before I can raise my arms over my head?

A: Patients should wait 1-2 weeks after their breast augmentation before lifting their arms above their heads. A good rule of thumb is if it’s uncomfortable or hurts, don’t do it.

You can resume work 1-2 weeks post-op, but attempt to raise your arms slowly at first, subsequent attempts should result in less don’t rush to return to your normal activities. You shouldn’t lift anything until at least one week after surgery. You can then begin to lift light items and move on to heavier items as long as it doesn’t cause discomfort; feeling tightness is normal. Wearing a sports bra will make recovery more comfortable; it can be worn until you are ready to switch back to your regular bra in usually 8 weeks. Keep in touch with your surgeon to get his opinion on when and how to advance your level of activity.

Q: How will breast implant surgery affect my exercise routine in the long run?

A: Adhering to a proper post-op guide will ensure that your exercise routine is not affected by breast implant surgery. Chest muscle contractions from certain chest exercises can cause your implants to move in their pocket however, this hasn’t been shown to cause any harm. Since large implants can make activities like jogging and weightlifting exercises slightly more difficult, we advise our active patients to avoid them to avoid regret due to the limitations. Discussing your routine with one of our plastic surgeons will help him/her guide you in the correct direction.

Large implants can limit the activities patients can participate in, such as jogging and weightlifting. We advise our active patients to be more conservative with size to ensure they will be able to return to the activities they enjoy.

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