The Problem with the Korean Plastic Surgery Trend

Problem with the Korean Plastic Surgery CrazeMANHATTAN AND STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK – The recent trend of Korean plastic surgery has many plastic surgeons in the states worried – especially Dr. Elliot Heller.

“The root of the problem with Korean plastic surgery isn’t entirely a new one,” says Dr. Heller who offers breast augmentation and facelifts in Manhattan. “Just as curly haired girls wish they had straight hair, many Asians wish they had ‘western’ eyes and noses.”

Initially, the craze involved Asians creating the optical illusion of larger, more western eyes with cosmetics and specialized contact lenses. The transformations can be so drastic that television shows like this one have featured ‘live’ transformations of Asian girls for entertainment, which have Heller concerned.

“While I cannot understand the foreign language spoken in the video, it seems evident that the hosts of the show are shocked and disappointed with the girls’ features prior to their makeovers,” says Heller who is a tummy tuck NYC provider. “I’m afraid that this feedback is just the mentality that is rooted in ‘permanent’ makeovers with Korean plastic surgery.”

Plastic surgeries in South Korea drastically surpass those performed in other countries according to Seoul TouchUp, a Korean medical tourism agency.

And the results achieved by such plastic surgeries are even more dramatic than one could imagine. For example, when viewing the images in this buzzfeed article titled “31Crazy Before and After Photos of Korean Plastic Surgery,” it’s hard to accept that the results are real and not touched up afterward with a image editor like Photoshop.

“There is no denying that changing your image can be fun,” says Heller. “It’s one of the main reasons many people enjoy dressing up on Halloween.

But plastic surgery isn’t makeup and it isn’t make-believe. Plastic surgery is real and so are the results, which are sometimes irreversible – just ask Bruce Jenner or Mickey Rourke.”

There isn’t anything wrong with trends or following them for that matter. You can always buy a new pair of boots or get a new haircut when they go out of style, but a new face, that’s a little more tricky – and costly.

Here’s to hoping Korean plastic surgery patients don’t find out that hooded eyes and strong jaws are the new trend anytime soon.

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