The Best Breast Augmentation Procedure for Your Age

Any Age Breast Augmentation in Staten IslandSTATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK — Yes, we agree that age is just a number, but we can’t deny that certain variations of procedures such as breast augmentation suit certain age groups best.

The reason for this is because the body and our psychological state go through certain changes as we age. Also, with breast augmentation the longevity of implants must also be considered – they don’t last forever.

“Breast implants can be a great uplifting experience for women of all ages,” says Dr. Elliot Heller, a Staten Island breast augmentation pro. “Even as women age, they still have a desire to feel feminine and beautiful.”

Young Women
Many females in their 20s come to realize that they aren’t just “late bloomers” but non-bloomers when it comes to their cup size. These young women often opt for breast augmentation to enhance an area that makes them feel self-conscious however, because of their young age they may need to replace them eventually. Saline implants have a 15-year average when it comes to longevity while the new silicone implants (released back into the market in 2006) have only been studied for six years although, they are predicted to last longer.

“I would be doing my patients a disservice if I didn’t tell them that their implants require a lifetime of maintenance,” says Dr. Heller who also performs tummy tuck and thigh lift procedures in Staten Island.

Because they may need to be replaced and these patients often have minimal breast tissue, incisions such as the inframammary (along crease under breast) and axillary incisions (in arm pit) are ideal. The inframammary incision can easily be reused for a subsequent procedure (if needed) while the axillary incision is ideal for augmentation when the patient has small breasts, which makes it difficult to predict incision placement and ensure that it’s hidden in the crease created by the addition of the implant.

Middle Aged Women
A large amount of women in their 30s and 40s seek breast augmentation for the first time because they are experiencing a dramatic change in their life. Some have just ended long-term relationships and are re-entering the dating world, about to change careers or are finished growing their family and ready to get their breasts back into pre-mommy condition.

Breast-feeding can really do a number on the body, especially the breasts. The periareolar incision is made around the nipple – just outside the dark skin of the areola – and blends seamlessly with the color gradient change. It does not affect the sensation of the nipple and also allows the surgeon to remove a little extra skin to provide a lift.

“For women reentering the dating world, the risk of scarring is their biggest concern,” says Dr. Heller.

The TUBA (transumbilical breast augmentation) incision is the least detectible incision as it is hidden inside the belly button. Although it is the least detectible, it does make it difficult for the surgeon to achieve optimal and natural placement of the implant since they are working at such a great distance from the placement site. The better choice may be the inframammary incision, which, hides the scar in the natural crease beneath the breast and is ideal for accurate sub muscular placement of implants.

Mature Women
Yes, women over the age of 40 have breast augmentation procedures. Some are having them replaced and some are just dissatisfied with what gravity has done to the girls.

“Women are women at any age,” says Dr. Heller. “Even when they are 50+, they want to look and feel feminine.”

The majority of these women will opt for a lift or augmentation with a lift. Incisions that are ideal compliments to a lift are periareolar incisions and inframammary incisions. As mentioned before, additional skin can be removed from around the areolar to provide a lift or reduce its size (another request of aging patients) and by adding a vertical incision from the center of the inframammary incision up toward the nipple, surgeon can also lift the breast with the removal of additional skin.

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