Sharon Osbourne's Return to X-Factor Causes Twitter Storm Over Her Youthful Looks

In August, Sharon Osbourne returned to the new season of X-Factor looking ageless. The 63-year-old star has never been shy about discussing her plastic surgery procedures, but that only encourages the social media commentary on her looks.

Many Twitter users criticized her look. Some compared her to a ventriloquist’s puppet. Others commented on the amount of work she has had done over the years: “I wouldn’t call it work. I’d call it annihilation.”

Light-hearted tweeters joked about her youthful appearance: “As #XFactor gets older every year, Sharon Osbourne's face seems to get younger.”

And many online commenters came to her defense saying how amazing she looks now, complimenting her confidence in herself, and even asking for her surgeon’s number!

Sharon Osbourne youthful looks

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