Regenerative Medicine: The Next Phase in Beauty Enhancement

Regenerative MedicinePlastic surgery is a fast-growing field in both scientific advances and popularity. In the last decade, we have seen everything from the FDA approval of gel-filled breast implants to the astronomical rise of non-surgical alternatives, such as Botox® and dermal fillers. And more people than ever are choosing plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures to look and feel their best.

The future of plastic surgery is quickly advancing and regenerative medicine seems to be at its forefront. Researchers are already developing regenerative-medicine based techniques to correct congenital anomalies and aid in breast reconstruction for breast cancer survivors, among other pursuits. Using stem cells, growth factors, PRP [platelet-rich plasma] and/or synthetic scaffolds, researchers are investigating new ways to help the body heal damaged tissue and repair the effects of aging by unlocking the regenerative potential of these substances and techniques.

In the future, regenerative treatments could replace current anti-aging treatments like Botox and leave you looking younger and healthier than ever!

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