Realistic Expectations are Key to Successful Plastic Surgery

WomanMANHATTAN AND NEW YORK CITY – If you are under the impression that plastic surgery can perfect your appearance or improve your social life, you may be in for a surprise. Sure, it can correct structural issues like a cleft palate and help fight the signs of aging. But it will not make you more popular or look like your favorite celebrity.

Knowing the facts and having realistic expectations about plastic surgery is one of the first and most important steps toward having a successful experience. Because the choice to undergo a cosmetic procedure is a voluntary and emotional decision, it is crucial for you to determine why you want to go under the knife.

If you are considering plastic surgery to impress or please others, look like someone else, or improve your quality of life, you may want to re-examine your motives before going through with the procedure. If you do not, you may come out of surgery envisioning more dramatic results and plan to undergo additional procedures in an effort to attain the look you originally expected.

Breast augmentations and breast lifts are two procedures many patients, including those from Manhattan and NYC, typically anticipate different results from.

“Those who have extremely droopy breasts cannot expect them to look youthful and perky after a lift surgery,” said Dr. Elliot Heller, one of the best plastic surgeons in NY. “At the same time, patients who want to achieve a natural appearance should not think that choosing a size bigger than what their plastic surgeon recommends will help give them that look.”

Because your body’s anatomy is different from everyone else’s and vice versa, you also cannot expect to take a photo of someone else to your plastic surgeon showing what you want your breasts to resemble and think your chest will wind up looking exactly like that.

The more rational your assumptions about the results of any procedure, whether it’s breast augmentation, rhinoplasty or even Botox, are, the more likely you are to be satisfied with the product and your overall image.

So, how do you know if you have realistic expectations and are a good candidate for plastic surgery? The best prospects for cosmetic procedures are patients who already have good self-esteem, want to decrease the effects of aging, are undergoing surgery for themselves (not someone else) and have considered plastic surgery for several years.

If those statements describe you, it may be time for you to undergo the cosmetic procedure you have had in mind. Experienced plastic surgeons like Dr. Heller can help you make sure you are ready for surgery and chose the procedure that is right for you. To learn more and make sure your plastic surgery expectations are realistic, call 866-996-2607 today to schedule a consultation.