NY Fashion Week: Are Designers the New Plastic Surgeons?

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK –New York Fashion Week wrapped up Sept. 12, which means designers from throughout the country flocked to the Big City to share their seasonal lines and plastic surgery advice – well at least one designer did.

In this recent Extra article, Tadashi Shoji, a fashion designer reportedly adored by stars like Octavia Spencer, had more to share than his fabulous spring clothing line.

Spencer in a Tadashi Shoji piece

(Spencer in a Tadashi Shoji piece.)


For women who dislike their bodies, Shoji claims he can help.

“Women spend so much money on operations, but our stuff is less expensive than an operation, and there’s no pain,” he says. “I can help any woman.”

There is no denying that certain styles of clothing can help or hurt your figure but, what if you’re tired of hiding behind clothing?

“Women turn to plastic surgery because they want to look better and feel better without clothing,” says Dr. Elliot Heller a New York plastic surgeon who specializes in body contouring. “They want to take back charge of their confidence and wardrobe.”

While plastic surgery procedures such as a Brazilian butt lift, liposuction or breast augmentation may cost more than some designer dresses, it’s a greater investment. Not only will you look and feel great in that new dress, you’ll look good out of it as well.

So, whether it’s your flat butt, pooching tummy or small breasts, there is a surgical procedure that yields results that not only look and feel natural, but last.

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