Labiaplasty: What, Why and How

Labiaplasty Female Enhancement SurgeryNEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK – If you are a woman who is secretly harboring feelings of insecurity and discomfort when it comes to the condition of your genitalia, it’s time you got relief. And that relief can be found in the form of a labiaplasty female enhancement procedure known as labiaplasty, which can give you back the comfort and confidence you deserve.


What is Labiaplasty?
Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery we offer to patients in the NYC area to correct the shape and size of the labia minora and labia majora – the inner and outer folds of the vulva, which protect the vagina. Enlargement is the most common issue addressed with this procedure and is often caused by hormones during puberty, but may also be caused by pregnancy and childbirth.

Smart liposuction of the labia majora is sometimes added to this procedure to further enhance aesthetics.

Why Labiaplasty?
Because addressing its condition can improve your quality of life.

Here is a video titled “Labiaplasty: Lindsay’s Story” that delves into the common reason labiaplasty is sought and how surgery can be an effective solution.

“Because on top of being embarrassed by its appearance, this condition can cause discomfort during intercourse, it’s not uncommon for the sufferers to have a low sex drive,” says Dr. Elliot Heller a top NYC plastic surgeon who specializes in female and breast enhancement. “Surgery is often a life changer for such patients.”

Your concern may not be sexual in nature, but in regards to your labia’s appearance, a feeling of uncleanliness or the discomfort experienced during activities like cycling or merely walking. Whatever the reason, surgery is a safe and effective solution.

How is Labiaplasty Performed?
Different surgeons prefer different techniques but here at Allure Plastic Surgery, with the use of local or general anesthesia, we maintain the labia’s natural edge while preserving sensation through removal of a wedge of skin or a strip along its length. Our sculpting and suturing process is intricate and ensures minimal scarring.

This procedure lasts about an hour and is performed at one of our accredited facilities in Staten Island or New York City and allows patients to recover in the comfort of their own home.

Your normal routine can be resumed after approximately one week although it may take a few weeks before you are cleared for strenuous or sexual activity.

We highly recommend using a surgeon who is experienced in labiaplasty female enhancement when seeking labiaplasty as scarring and loss of sensation are possibilities that are better avoided by a seasoned surgeon.

Call today for a free consultation regarding labiaplasty female enhancement such as labiaplasty or vaginoplasty, which can restore strength and structure to your vagina.