Kayne West Bans Kim Kardashian from Undergoing More Cosmetic Surgeries

Rapper Kayne West tells Kim Kardashian not to have more plastic surgery.MANHATTAN AND NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK – Rap music star Kayne West recently banned his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, from more plastic surgery.

Kardashian wanted to undergo a tummy tuck in June immediately after giving birth to she and West’s daughter, North West. The tummy tuck, Kardashian thought, would give her a head start on losing the baby weight, but since Kayne West lost his mother in 2007 due to post-plastic surgery operative factors, he was not convinced it was a good idea. Every year thousands of women like Kardashian seek plastic surgery after giving birth to regain the figure they had before pregnancy. The loose skin that results from stretched breasts, abdominal skin and muscles cannot be exercised away, but cosmetic surgeries can help correct it.

In an effort to protect Kardashian and the well-being of their daughter, West made the ban on cosmetic surgery a condition for the continuation of their relationship even though it has made Kardashian’s post-baby weight loss journey more difficult. Instead of a procedure she has turned to Atkins to bounce back to her pre-pregnancy weight. West does not mind if she gets fillers or Botox, but he is against any procedures that involve anesthesia.

“Though West has a good reason for banning Kardashian from future plastic surgeries after the devastating loss of his mother, the chances of dying during or after a cosmetic procedure are slim,” said Dr. Elliot Heller, a New York cosmetic surgeon at Allure Plastic Surgery. “Only those with serious health conditions like diabetes, heart disease or depression, or that smoke and drink on a regular basis would have a reason to worry, but I always ask my patients about their lifestyle before procedures and advise those types of patients to not undergo any cosmetic surgeries.”

If you want to change your appearance with the help of a tummy tuck or liposuction performed by a plastic surgeon from New York City or Manhattan like Dr. Heller, do not let celebrities’ cosmetic procedure preferences or experiences stop you in your tracks.

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