How Does Male Enhancement Surgery Work?

Penis EnlargementIf you feel insecure about the size of your penis, you aren’t alone. Almost every man at some point has questioned his length or girth. And celebrity selfies, like we saw from Usher last week, can leave you wondering how you measure up.

Not surprisingly, one study reported in the Journal of Sex Medicine found that among the hundreds of male military personnel (all under 40) that the researchers interviewed, a lack of confidence in the appearance of their genitalia resulted in sexual anxiety and could even lead to sexual dysfunction.

At Allure Plastic Surgery, we understand that penis size is a serious concern for your sexual and overall wellbeing. Along with non-surgical options, we offer patients surgical alternatives to enhance the appearance of the penis.

The three basic penis enlargement surgeries:

  • Lengthen the penis by releasing the ligament that suspends the penis, which reveals more of the length of the penis. The use of weights or stretching devices is required daily for a few months after this procedure to prevent reattachment.
  • Widen the penis by implanting fat, silicone, or tissue grafts.
  • Reveal more of the penis by removing excess sagging skin from the pubic region. Liposuction can be used in addition to remove excess fat from the region to reveal additional length.

We have had success with all of these procedures for many male patients. With male enhancement surgery, subtle changes can make a big difference. Male enhancement surgery works not only to improve the appearance of your penis, but to improve your outlook on your sexual capabilities and avoid humiliations like sexual anxiety and erectile dysfunction.

During your consultation, we will listen to your specific concerns and your plastic surgeon will recommend the best procedure to help you achieve the results you are looking for.

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