China's Cosmetic Surgery Boom

In the past few years, China has seen a cosmetic surgery boom as more Chinese seek to enhance their appearance with plastic surgery procedures. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, China’s plastic surgeries account for 13 percent of plastic surgery procedures performed around the world, making China the third largest country for plastic surgery procedures.

Many patients are seeking eyelid surgery to reshape their eyes for a larger, more western appearance. College graduates are improving their looks to improve their chances in the increasingly competitive job market. 

While procedures are performed with some of the same techniques we employ in the US, the standard of patient care is not what you would expect in the US. In many facilities, patients meet their surgeon on the day of surgery and are on the operating table within a few hours.

At Allure Plastic Surgery in New York, you can expect the highest quality patient care. We take time during your consultation to really understand what you are hoping to achieve through surgery and will recommend the right procedures to get the results you want.

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